Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Vermont, USA



Grace and John are sitting on the couch. Loveseat, actually, with blue and white polka dots which, incidentally, Grace never cared for but John insisted on.
John:(after finishing a several-hours long description of his day). So I don't know . . . how was your day?
Grace: It was really good actually.
John: (Looking behind the couch, out the window) Oh yeah?
Grace: Yeah. I really like working for the magazine. It's so much more interesting. I mean, just seeing what people send in. Plus I went to a bunch of lectures for the MFA people.
John: (turning around, now facing the radiator and chewing his fingernails) Oh, good.
Grace: Yeah. This one lecture was good. Well, pretty good. There were these women behind me, though, who wouldn't stop talking. This one thought she was such hot shit. She kept asking the guy these really inane questions just totally designed to highlight how fantastic she was, you know?
John:(getting up and walking across the room to grab a toothpick, then leaning against the kitchen door) Hmmm.
Grace: Okay. Never mind.
John: What?
Grace: Look, you obviously wanted the short version. I'm sorry to bore you.
John: (putting his hands on his head and shaking it, as though in disbelief at the drama of it all) Oh, come on. I asked how things were. I meant it. Go on.
Grace: (putting arms across chest) No. Forget it. It's boring, I guess.
John: Jesus! Look, I need a cigarette.
Grace: Then have one. (raises up slightly on couch). Or don't. I'm sorry. I forgot. Is that what's making you such an asshole tonight?
John: (turning and walking away) I'm having one.
Grace: Okay.