Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

David Horvitz
San Pedro, California USA



Phone rings.
Me: (reluctantly answers phone) Uhhhhh. Hello.
N: Hi, where are you?
Me: (turns down car radio, gestures with free left hand into air, accidentally hitting windshield) Uhhh... Why didn't you call me back! It's been like two-hours.
N: I called you like 10 times!
Me: Since when?
N: (in a confessing manner, quiet) 10 minutes ago. (Stubbornly) Well I was busy! Where are you?
Me: Malaga Cove. I'm pissed! You should have called me back!
N: I'm pissed! You knew I was busy.
Me: Yeah, well you could have called me back and told me you couldn't help me.
N: You only call me when you need something!
Me: That isn't true! I'm on a deadline, and wanted to know if you could help, and the fog could go away any second. And anyways, you're only calling me now because you're alone and you have nothing to do! Because you're bored!
N: Well... What are you going to do?
Me: I'm going to El Segundo. M. is with me. She came to help. I am buying her dinner because she's helping me, and not you!
N: Well... Can I meet you guys somewhere?
Me: (stubbornly) I'm kind of in a hurry, I have to get there before the sun gets down.
N: It's not even 4:00.
Me: Uggggghhhhh. Fine, where do you want to meet?
N: In front of Go Boy.
Me: OK, I'm still pissed!
N: I'm pissed!
Me: I'm more pissed, bye!
N: Bye!
Phone is put down.