Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

David Kirkeby
Orange County, California USA



(I get undressed and lay on my bed. Across the house some yelling begins. At first I can't hear their words but soon the yelling gets louder and their words more clear.)
DAD (O.S): Sweet heart its a no brainer, if he doesn't want the cat in his room he doesn't have the cat in his room!
KAT (O.S): Well the cat has nowhere else to go! If David can have the room why can't the cat!
DAD (O.S): Sweet heart just listen to your self! Why can't the cat just stay up stairs like it use to?
KAT (O.S): Because it likes its room!
DAD (O.S): That's David's room!
KAT (O.S): It spends more time there than he does!
DAD (O.S): I can't believe this is even an issue! It's his bedroom!
KAT (O.S): Well what about this! This is his dog. If he can just dump his dog on me why can't I dump my cat on him!
DAD (O.S): You never have complained about the dog before. If you hated it so much why did you get another dog!
KAT (O.S): It was your birthday gift!
DAD (O.S): I never wanted another dog!
KAT (O.S): It's like your married to him! Maybe you should be, maybe we should get a divorce!
DAD (O.S): Don't even throw that around!
(I put on my headphones, and then cover my head with my own pillow. I'm listening to From Death to Birth by Pagoda.)
KAT (O.S): It's him, it's him, it's him, it's all him!
DAD (O.S): Did you just open his door? Did you just open his door!
KAT (O.S): Yes I did and I put the cat back where it belongs!
(I get up, walk out my room and exit the house)