Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Tina Moreno
Berkeley, California USA



The setting is in a small apartment upon a hill in northern California. Within the apartment, I am searching for a specific drawing in my portfolio, when I found my portfolio I saw it ruin by two heavy objects. Half of my drawings were ripped.
Me: Chris who in the hell did this to my portfolio! (As I enter my room, where my husband laid)
Chris: Did what to your portfolio?
Me: You know what!
Chris: (has a blank face as he lies on the bed next to my newborn baby boy)
Me: Who was the fucking idiot who put these heavy objects in my portfolio?
Chris: What objects?
Me: The cordless phone and the heavy ass light (I show him the objects and stand in front of the bed). Did one of your idiot friends do it when we where packing? What do they want to do, ruin me? What the fuck Chris!!! I can't believe someone could do this to me and ruin all of my hard work! Shit! Does anyone care how hard I work to get here?? ? Fuck! (As I walked, back and forward in front of the bed) I can't believe somebody could be this stupid and pack heavy objects with my drawings; can't they see that this is my portfolio? God please help me because when I find out who did this to my portfolio! Urrrrrrr! I'm going to let them have it! FUCK Chris! Does any of your friends care when it comes to other people's artwork or do they just want to sabotage me! Goddamn!
Chris: (speaks in a low voice) weren't you the last one with your portfolio?
Me: NO! (Then I walk out of the room to calm down)