Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Lee Van Iderstine
Baltimore, Maryland USA



Mary: You know, I think you only focus on my weak points.
Lee: {pauses to think} Well yes, I agree but I think you make it hard for me to focus on your strong points when all you do is focus on your own weaknesses.
Mary: What do you mean?
Lee: Mary, you always complain about things that you don't like about yourself. So how am I supposed to focus so much on what you're good at?
Mary: Well you just need to not focus on my weak points. I feel like you judge me so negatively.
Lee: I'm sorry. I see that I do that and I will try harder to focus on what I like about you.
Mary: okay.
Lee: I think you are a very {pause to put her in the right words} patient person
Mary: {interrupting} How!?
Lee: Like patient with people. You're patient with Sana. If I were you I'd have left her so fast. I couldn't deal with her. You don't give up on people that easily.
Mary: {smiles}
Lee: And you care about others more than most people are able to.
Mary: {puzzled look}
Lee: like homeless people...
Mary: oh. Yeah.
Lee: and you get like, straight A's. Not "like" straight A's, you do get straight A's.
Mary: {annoyed} No! I got one B!
Lee: Well that's better than me. But you have the ability to do all your work no matter how stressed out it makes you. Some people just give up when they get that stressed out.