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Assignment #40
Heal yourself.

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1) If you were living together get a new bed, if you cant afford a new bed then sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag until you get rid of the old mattress. Do this ASAP. It has to go. This is the most important step.
2) Put away old photos of you and that person, if you want to keep one out, do that, but only one.
3) Go for a walk in the morning- to get coffee or tea or a bagel. This will get you out of bed and thinking about the rest of the day. Wear sunglasses if your feeling glum and try to listen for birds during your walk.
4) Date someone new. This is perhaps the hardest and most confusing part. You'll want to fill the empty space in your life with a new person so be careful about who you choose. Preferably date someone thats very busy so they cannot easily fill those empty spots. This gives you somebody new to think about and will help keep you from going back with the old lover. However, be sure to tell the new person you just left a relationship so they know what their getting into.
5) Kiss somebody new to forget the heartache, then kiss someone else so you dont get attached to the new person youve kissed, then kiss somebody else so that you can see the world is good and willing to accept your love- but dont sleep with them. Sleeping with somebody new is VERY dangerous. Your bed needs to feel whole with only one person in it before you can say your ready for someone new.
6) Visit the old lover every two months. The time between visits will lend perspective as to why you broke up. Its hard in the beginning because all you can think about is how good it was when you were together, but after awhile you'll start to see that the reasons you broke up were valid and that it's better not to be together.
In case of emergency:
When your completely freaking out, email two people you know that dont know about your break up and ask them how they got over a heartbreak. You'd be surprised what kind of stories other people have to tell and it will stop you from feeling so alone on your journey.