Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Leslie Doyle
Lexington, Kentucky USA



I've had a very hard time with this because I am so scared of death. After days of contemplation, I've decided to go with my heart instead of my fears. I have always been impressed by how the remains of Felix Gonzalez Torres's partner were dispersed. After his partner was cremated, he separated ashes into envelopes and mailed them to people that had been close to his partner. This is what I would like done with my remains as well. For now, an envelope should be sent to the following people if they are still here. My sister, brother, niece, brother-in-law, god son, Adrian, Dawn, Kristen, Ruth, Doreen, Dima, Bones, Lisa, my parents if I go before they do, Adam, any other close family members that haven't been born yet, and if someone has died, such as my parents and grandparents, and my brother Shawn who died before I was born. Please spread some of my ashes over their graves. These can be given to people at my funeral. Please don't give me a service in a funeral. Have it somewhere a little more exciting. Have an art gallery opening with my work or something; give me the retrospective that I probably won't ever get to have. Make sure there are plenty of chicken fingers for people to eat, and some vegan options for my friends. Have some awesome food, nothing healthy. Eat horribly for me and don't feel bad about it.
I hope someone will try to push my projects at this retrospective, someone take the lead and get people to participate. Have them write about love, interview them about me even if they hated me. Get people to be personal at this event because I do not want everyone standing around crying because hopefully you will see me again and you should be happy that I am hopefully somewhere better. Celebrate what I have done, and make sure you play some Nine Inch Nails.