Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

St. Louis, Missouri USA



When I die, if my organs are useable donate them to people who need them. I probably won't care. If they can go to science for a reason, that's fine to - but don't just donate my body to a medical school for no reason because I'm not really sure that I will be completely separated from it. I don't want people dissecting me to learn if I'm going to have to feel it. I worry about that sometimes - especially when I did that medical school summer camp in high-school. I want to be viewed at a wake, in a small pine box. This way everyone who needs to can see me and make it "real" for them. I don't want there to be any doubt, and everyone should be able to say goodbye. At the wake I don't want anything except good music to be played - no one saying anything. I want to wear black, and whatever my favorite "skinny" dress is - If I'm dead do whatever it takes to get me into it. As for music stick to The Postal Service, Deathcab for Cutie, my wedding soundtrack, Kimya Dawson, Radiohead, Nirvana, Oasis, Primal Scream, and Bob Dylan. Mixed tapes I made for people would be acceptable as well. then I want to be cremated. I'd like to take Seara's armwarmer - I'll leave the other one for J. I also want to take some daisies to give to her - and something for J if he has left before me as well, and something for my grandparents or parents. This can be decided later. They will be waiting for me. Afterwards, I think maybe being made into a piece of jewelry for my kids or J would be good. For the funeral I only want there to be pictures of me at various stages in life. I especially want Hulla pictures and the picture of me and J the first month we got together. At my funeral, I only want people who were really close to me to talk. If no one feels like talking, just read some of my favorite passages from my favorite books and songs - and something fitting from Gibran's The Prophet. Be sure to read some E. E. Cummings and Ginsberg. Have a party. Cry only if it's necessary. Don't be sad. Honor me in any way you can. Have a seance a year later, remember me, buy a sugar skull for me on All Souls Day. Sit quietly with me when you need me, know I'll be there. Buy me flowers. Talk to me. Write to me. Just know that now I'm a part of you forever; I have left footprints in your heart which I'll visit sometimes and I will meet you again someday.