Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

T.S. Ginsberg
Santa Barbara, California USA



I often think that I don't want to die before my husband because that would be so sad, but at the same time I would hate to think of him being the sad one. No matter what, some of the people I love will die before me and some of those who love me will be in the world after I'm gone, and maybe one of them will undertake this action.
I would like (after any organs or parts anyone else needs are duly removed) to be cremated. Then I would like to have my ashes scattered into a papermaking vat, and to have paper made with them. The paper fiber should preferably be Japanese kozo. I'll just be some black flecks in there. Then maybe I'll end up in a book, or as a love letter, or a piece of someone else's artwork. Make enough sheets out of the vat to give to anyone who loved and misses me. Even without having the paper I would be with them always in their hearts, but the paper might be a nice reminder of who I was and what I loved (my family, my friends, papermaking, etc.).
Maybe the papermaking process would be enough of a funeral or memorial service, but I leave that up to the living to decide. Aren't funerals for the living anyway? And that being said, so is anything that happens to my remains--really more for the living than for the dead. I just ran this idea by my husband and he hated the idea that I might end up as a shopping list. So, I take it all back--as long the people I love are happy they can do whatever they want with me!