Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Kaht North
Chicago, Illinois USA



I do not want to be brueid in a cemetary. It is too final a resting place. In life I cannot stay in one spot idle, so I think it only appropriate that after death I keep...active. My wish is to be cremated. I want the box to be simple and made of pine, or something that smells nice. I want the box to be made by my true love because he is the only one that could make something the way I truly want, what is in my heart. I then want half of my ashes spread in a field of wildflowers.Someplace where my loved ones will see them come back each spring. I would prefer it be in Vermont on land that cannot be built on. But truly, just someplace special to me since I know I will encounter many in my life. The other half of my ashes I want to be put into the Kenia River in Alaska. I may have only spent one summer there so far, but it is where I learned to enjoy life. To slow down and enjoy the beauty around me and the time I have. Alaska made me appreciate myself and who I am. I consider it a second home. Mourn me if you must, but I would prefer a celebration of life. Let there be music and dancing and many, many, many flowers.