Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Nancy Graham
New York, New York USA



If I am at home, do not call a funeral home right away.
Have my closest friends and family over.
Put me in my favorite clothes.
Light candles, eat gluten-free brownies, tell stories about me. Cry.
Call the Unitarian minister and tell her to ask the funeral home people if they'd be so kind as to let you tend the body, you and the kids.
Brush my hair.
Make sure my fingernails and toenails are short.
Put me in fresh underwear. Preferably new. Pick clothes I'd like, flattering, of a beautiful color, and comfortable. Not too dressy, not too casual.
Tell the funeral home people you'd like to move the body. Ask if you can ride in the hearse.
Minimally: Attend the cremation.
Optimally: Be the ones to move and place my body for the cremation.
Even better: No strangers in the room; no strangers have touched me.
Put my ashes in a vessel made by my children.
Scatter them at Lake Tear of the Clouds, so that I may travel the river through the state where I was born, and later returned and lived most of my life, where I will likely die, so I may travel south with the silt of that river, and out to the sea.