Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

C. Baran
Surrey, British Columbia CANADA



My idea of what is good changes periodically. At different times I have wanted to be cremated without a funeral, a funeral with a viewing, big headstones, scattered, kept, etc. The only thing I have never wanted is to be buried in one of those horrid plots where you are slid in standing up- I would rather anything other than that.
For now, I think I would want to be cremated but still have a headstone somewhere peaceful or beautiful. I guess that I don't really know if that is possible, but I think that it is important to leave somewhere official for people to visit you. My first real experience with death was when my uncle died while I was in Europe. When I came back there was nothing solid to provide closure- no plot- no ashes- just gone- and it took years for me to accept his death. I think that a solid piece of stone, a set place to visit might have helped and I want one for the people I love- otherwise I don't really care myself. Once dead I'll just be dead.
Though... I would want those I love to have little pieces of my hair- in some form of mourning jewelry- or perhaps in a frame with a picture of me with the hair in a little braid behind the picture.