Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Susana Meza



I would like to be immortal, sadly that is not the case, so when I die...
My body. I want to be cremated, but there must be a few tests run before I am incinerated. I do not want to be burn alive, it is one of those biggest fears of mine. There will be explicit indications of this on my will, once I make my will... If I were healthy enough, I would donate my organs but I doubt they'll do any good to anyone but me.
The funeral. All of my closest friends know which is my favorite music - or have an idea about it, since they all have received several mix tapes, when I die it'll be their time to make me a mix tape! Eclectic, cocky, bubbly, some retro things, some newer things, classical music, twee pop, folk, bossa nova, 80's classics. I want the funeral to have music and movies, and both! Watch musicals, The sound of music preferably, watch my first short film and laugh at how bad it was and is and will be!
The ashes. If I go before my husband, I want him to do exactly what my mother asked me to do in case she died: Spread my ashes in the place that makes you happiest.
The after party. For those of you who, like me, loathe funerals, an after party should be organized, with music and food and movies and balloons and beads for everybody's necks, and dance like I would have danced and laugh like I would have laughed and break things, loot my room and my studio and remember me.