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Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania USA
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When I die, I don't want to be fixed up by some mortician. I'd like my mother to be the last one to touch my body and to wash me like when I was little. I want her to wash my hair. I want to say that I want her to smooth my brow, which sounds a little Victorian, but I don't know how else to say it because it actually I do want her to smooth my brow very much. She sometimes scolds me about wrinkling my forehead too much, and then reaches over and pats it like she's trying to get the wrinkles out. If my mother is not alive, then I want one of my best and oldest friends to wash and brush my hair for me. I think they will know who they are, so they will know what to do, and won't be upset by it but instead will feel very calm. Then I would like to be dressed in plain white underwear and a white undershirt, and cremated. I would like my family and my friends to go on a long drive that day, through midwestern fields, with their favorite musics playing. Hopefully it will be warm enough to have the windows down, and the sun will be out, and everyone will meet for a long afternoon picnic and talk about each other's lives and talk about me, and still feel young. I would like my ashes to be scattered over the fields outside of Rozberice (the little village in the Czech Republic where my grandmother's family is from) if it is still quiet there, or buried in the small cemetery two villages over, the one enclosed by a stone wall with yellow fields beyond and one or two trees up on the hill. I bicycled there several times this past summer and the ride there is the most peaceful thing i can imagine. I would like my little brother to come visit me there once in a while by bicycle.