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Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Austin, Texas USA
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1. bathe me and put me in that lovely brown lace and velvet dress i never wear (for lack of matching shoes.) my boyfriend patrick should probably do this part. 3-5 hours post mortem, ok? try to do it before the rigor mortis sets in, honey, if you can.
2. let my daughter marley do my hair and makeup however the hell she wants to. paint my toenails red. i like the gold glitter eyeshadow thing you did to yourself last year for winter ball, sweetheart. muy bonita.
3. toss me in a wagon full of red and orange wildflowers and wheel me around town for one last tour.
4. just for the record. i want to go to waterloo records and sit in listening booth #2. i'd also really appreciate it if you'd wheel me down to the horseshoe lounge and order me a lonestar, especially if it is a particularly hot day.
5. if it's not too much trouble, take me to the concession stand at barton springs and get me a pink cloud of cotton candy. buy me a ticket for the trolly and toss me on for one last go-round.
6. when i am done, gather my friends and family around at the foot of the spring, where the colorado river begins to wind again into the city
7. wrap me in gauze and lay me down on a flat wooden raft, prop 2 roman candles in each of my hands.
8. set me on fire and watch me burn as i float away. sit on the riverbank together. notice how it feels to be alive. take a single moment and step inside it fully.
9. then make a wish marley! as the roman candles explode into the sky. make a wish on my life and carry it into your own.