Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Bec Rigby
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



If any bits of me were still worth saving i'd donate some organs. Then I'd like to be cremated. If there is to be a ceremony I'd like my treasured family and friends to gather in the otway ranges, in the bottom of a valley and sing. They'd sing "cry you a waterfall" by kristina olsen and "brothers now our meeting is over" and "bright morning stars are rising". I'd want them to sing happy songs too like "chelsea morning"by joni mitchell and "Ole mu", a samoan song in four part harmony. and camp there for a few days, playing music round a fire at night. (I have spent my most cherished moments doing this, with them.
I'd like my friend lucy, old and glorious by then to play the appalachian dulcimer and clare to play cello and by some miracle stephen would play double bass from up in the sky and my children (one day i might have them) would sit with exotic drums and plucked things and know who i was.
If i by any chance became famous and rich before my death I'd want my inheritance to be spent funding a small festival in an uninhabited bit of australia, a lonely beach or stretch of forest. There would be lanterns at night and constant melodies and beats and simmering spicy smells and each night the visitors would gather in a clearing in an enormous circle and sing MORE and more RAPTUROUSLY. and the profit from the festival would be spent making it run again and so forth. I hope.