Learning To Love You More




Assignment #51
Describe what to do with your body when you die.

Christopher Smith
Chicago, Illinois USA



By the time I die I think I will have out lived most of my family except for my sister so I won't have to worry about a nice, proper, family oriented funeral. I don't plan on getting married or ever having kids so by the time I die I will literally be alone. This is why I want to create a sort of history lesson with my dead body. I have always been fascinated with the ways past societies dealt with criminals and outlaws, in particular the ways the French dealt with their royalty during the French Revolution. This is why I want to use my body to have a mock French Revolutionary public execution. Obviously, I will already be dead so I will feel no pain. But I really think that it would be a good gruesome lesson to show my head being chopped off by a sharp guillotine blade. I literally want the organizers to have an executioner to pull the trigger and drop the blade and I want my body to be paraded around town in a real jail cart. And I want my chopped off head to be shown to the public on a stick right in front of the city hall of whatever city I will be living in. I think this will really scare people, but it will also impact them. How it will impact them I don't know because this is a very scary thing to do to ones body once it is dead and death to people is a very hard thing to deal with. After about a week or so of rotting on a stick I want to be cremated and put into a mausoleum of my choice that is unmarked so people of future decades will have to investigate who I am. I think this will make history. I know that this is such a radical request and it will probably be voted down by public officials. If this happens I just want to be cremated and put into my unmarked mausoleum. No receptions or wakes will be required with my death because I don't care if people remember me. If people remember then great, but its really not a priority of mine when I die. However, it would be so nice if I could have my own guillotine death.