Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Ukiah, California USA



Me: Hey Corey
Corey: Hey...
Me: What's up?
Corey: Nothing... just wanted you to know. To know that I truly care about you. You are special. I want you to know that despite our struggles so far, I see you no less. In fact, I respect you more for your human-ness. And I am sorry for any ways my behavior has caused you any pain. I don't want you to think that I think it's all you who have put strains on our relationship. I want you to know that you make me laugh. You make me smile. I enjoy being with you. Let's play hangman soon. I want you to know that I find you very attractive. Don't think otherwise-when I roll my eyes when you go to kiss me goodbye, or when I slap your outstretched hand instead of taking it in mine, it's not because I don't desire you-it's just Corey, it's just the way I am sometimes. But I want to try to be more mindful of those things. I realize I do want to embrace the chance of getting a goodbye kiss from my girlfriend-why reject an innocent gesture of care? I want you to know that you are beautiful, so beautiful... I want you to know that I truly am intensely independent-I don't avoid you. I want you to know that I am not afraid of you going back to e-mailing and texting me 10 times a day. You are a wise, ever-realizing, creative, open minded girl. You know. I see you, I notice you. Let your doubts fall away. I'll help you with my actions. I have things I need to work out within myself, too. Relax, you can relax sweety. Let's enjoy each other. Without fear. With love. With care. With balance. We can both learn from one another. You are a very special piece of my pie. I hope I am in your pie. Let's give each other time. To grow. Into beautiful blooming....sunflowers.
:::knock on door:::
I look through window. It's Corey, wet eyes. I open the door.
:::Corey takes me into his arms...turns off his cell phone. I weep with relief:::