Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA



me: hi mom.
mom: well hey there! thought i'd just call and check up on you. did you eat anything today?
me: hey mom? can you just listen to me for a minute?
mom: sure honey
me: i'm really upset that you haven't given me the insurance information. finding a new counselor is really important to me, and i feel like you're not taking me seriously.
mom: i'm sorry...things have just been really busy here at home. I'm trying to get James ready for school. Is everything okay? Did something happen?
me: things aren't getting better. i'm trying really hard to focus on practicing and staying positive, but most of the time i'm just really unhappy. i'm not excited about classes, and i'm still constantly worrying about everything.
mom: i'm sure you'll be fine, sweetie. You always get through these things.
me: that isn't the point, mom. i'm scared. none of my friends seem to give a crap about how i'm doing. i'm lonely, i'm miserable, and i think i might want to quit the cello.
mom: how much sleep did you get last night?
me: mom. i'm not sure i can do this anymore.
mom: do you want to come home?
me: i feel like leaving school will make the first 19 years of my life utterly meaningless.
mom: what do you want to do then?
me: right now, i just think i really need to talk to someone.
mom: i'll try and e-mail you the insurance information tonight, alright? Will you be okay?
me: i don't know.
mom: well...i love you very much. Lisa?
me: yes?
mom: Dad and I aren't going to love you any less if you need to take time off from school.
me: i know.
mom: you're always welcome to come home if that's what's going to make you happy. there's no point for you to stay there if you're this upset.
me: i know.
mom: call me in the morning, okay?
me: okay. bye.