Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Stoney Creek, Ontario CANADA



me: hello?
him: i did really love you
me: what?
him: back then.
me: why would you do this?
him: what, i'm letting you know that i really loved you back then
me: umm, thanks.
him: thats it? thats all you have to say?
me: what do you want from me. you broke my heart too many times, and never an "i love you, not one, not even an "i like you a lot". i cried for weeks, but i knew it was for the best, because if i knew you did love me back, i would have been crying for years
him: oh
me: "oh" that is all i ever got from you, all those times we spoke, well it was me doing the talking. i am totally over you , as a person, but not over why i gave my love and self, my self that i shared with you. with YOU. i cant believe i actaully wanted to spend time with you, i would try to be around where i knew you would be, just so i could have you smile at me. day after day. and now all i think about is running into you so i can pinch you really hard and say something like "you thought that hurt, well i've felt like that for years" and then i could walk away and never see you again and i can start breathing clearly and i can start thinking about meeting someone and sharing a tea with him and we'll buy lunch at eat it at the park, on a nice blanket, but we'll share our lunch because we each have different sandwiches, and they'll be cut diagonally, and he'll take the two different triangles and put them together and smile at me.
him: i wasnt expecting this
me: i'm going to say goodbye now.