Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Jenna B.
Austin, Texas USA



Me: Hello? Nate?
Nate: Uh-who is this?
Me: Well, you wouldn' t know me by name but I saw you play last night. We took you to get food afterwards-you were hungry. I' m the girl with brown hair.
Nate: Oh. Yeah. Um. How' d you get my number?
Me: You left it on your away message on AIM and I looked at it and saved it on a piece of paperÉdon' t freak. I' m not a stalker.
Nate: Haha. OK. But this is still weird. Is there something you need?
Me: Yeah-well I don' t need anything. I just need to say something to you.
Nate: Ok. ???
Me: This is going to sound really messed up so don' t hang upÉbut I just have to tell you that I love you and I know that you probably hear that all the time, but I mean it-I feel something for you that' s strange and powerful and I knew when I first met you like 3 years ago that I' d love you forever and I feel that if I never tell you then I' d never be able to sleep at night because I' d always wonder what your response would have been and I know how this seems so irrational and juvenile but everyone knows that love makes people act more irrational than anything else and I' m not some obsessed fan either, if you were to stop singing I' d still love you I know love is a strong word, especially to use for someone you hardly know but it' s the only word I can come up with that describes this I want to know you like no one has ever known you and I want you to know me like no one has ever known me I cant explain anything but just know that I love you and no one will ever love you more. Ever. (Breathes)
Nate: Marry me?