Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

California, USA
Email Betty



b: hello?
p: hey sweetheart.
b: hey sweetheart.
p: i like the idea of you taking back yucky cheese.
b: i like the idea of you liking the idea of everything i do.
p: well... most things, yes, it's true.
b: you don't like the idea of...?
p: you simply smiling because you like me and don't know what to say.
b: can i blame it on the ants and butterflies? i told you that they only come out for the special ones... they've been around for a while, although they hibernate for months and even years sometimes. it's not so easy to ignore them, but i'm trying. it all began with max, who rode in the back of the station wagon with me on the way to preschool. we never spoke to each other. i loved him. now he is probably living in alabama with his wife and kids and does not remember me by name or face, much less by the sweet hand-holding we never experienced on the playground.
p: and you? you don't like the idea of...?
b: you thinking you're young and invincible. it's the seed of all self-destruction.
p: oh. is that all?
b: ...and you having been in love over and over and over again. there are so many more women you could love!
p: yes, there are. and there are so many more men you could love.
b: yes, there are. but, i don't want to love so many. i'm tired of many men.
p: okay.
b: okay.
p: did you have a good weekend?
b: yes. you?
p: exhausting, but good.
b: i'm tired, too. let's sleep now.
p: okay.
b: peter?
p: yes?
b: i like the idea of you liking the idea of the presence of the ants and butterflies. goodnight sweetheart.
p: goodnight sweetheart.