Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

James Lupton
Wilmington, Delaware USA



Me: Hey, wuddup fool?
Spencer: *worriedly* James?
Me: Yeah, what's the matter?
Spencer: I... I need to know something...
Me: What, What do you need to know? I'm here for you.
Spencer: I know, that's╩why I need you to answer this for me... D... Do you love me?
Me: Yeah, I love you, I love all my---
Spencer: No! Not like that, do you love me?
Me: Why?
Spencer: Because... I love you... and I need to know if you, love me.
Me: Spencer... you love me?
Spencer: *Crying* Fine! I'm gay! I'm sorry for---
Me: No! Don't be sorry, you haven't done anything wrong... and besides if you were wrong, then... I would be too.
Spencer: *silence* You mean...
Me: Yes, and I've loved you for awhile now... ever since you and me became friends.
Spencer: Yeah... That's when it started for me too.
Me: Really?
Spencer: Yeah, but why didn't you say anything?
Me: I was to afraid that you would hate me if you knew, and besides why didn't you?
Spencer: That's how I felt too, but I love you to much to hate you.
Me: Yeah, I know that now, *laugh*
Spencer: *laugh*
Me: You wanna come over tomorrow?
Spencer: Yeah, when?
Me: It'd have to be after *beep*... Call my house phone, my cell phone is dying.