Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Randolph, New Jersey USA



Me: Hello?
C: Hey how are you?
M: Surprised to hear from you, it's so odd to hear your voice... I mean it has been so many years and it sounds exactly as I remember...
C: yeah, well, I have changed a bit, jobs, and such... I wanted to call to let you know...
Me: (interrupting) I don't want to know why you are calling, it was just nice that you thought to call.
C: No, I have been contemplating this call but I know you are married and I didn't know how your husband would respond. But I feel the need to apologize. I have been wronged you in so many ways and I need you to know I am truly sorry for any pain and suffering I have caused you.
Me: (silence) Thank you, I feel that maybe I can make some kind of peace with the bad memories I have had of you. I accept and appreciate your apology. Honestly
C: I just needed you to know, I do care about your well being. You are a good person and you didn't deserve the mental anguish that I caused you. I wish you all good things, you deserve it... I wish I had the ability to say this years ago, I just didn't have the same insight back then.
Me: Again, thank you. I wish you the best as well. Goodbye C
C: Goodbye B