Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Kimberley McCormick
Hazelton, British Columbia CANADA



Trevor: Hello?
Me: Hi, busy? Can we talk?
Trevor: Yeah... I've been meaning to talk to you anyways..
Me: Is it bad?
Trevor: Probably.
Me: Thought so...
Trevor: Well.... you've been gone for about three months. You know the expression... out of sight, out of mind?
Me: Yeah.....
Trevor: I'll be thinking of you all the time, but.... I won't let you know. I'll make you feel like you're bugging me when you call. And I'll eventually push you away.
Me: Should I just give up?
Trevor: Probably... I'm not doing good...
Me: You weren't doing good when I was in Florida...
Trevor: I know... but it seems like it's getting worse.
Me: You know, it's not like me to give up on people?
Trevor: I know, but, it's for the better.
Me: You don't know that.
Trevor: You don't either.
Me: Alright, Trevor...
Trevor: Alright...
Me: Was it because I told you I was in love with you?
Trevor: Yeah, I can't handle anything like that right now.
Me: But, before I left, you told me I could do better, and we had good times... I would still like to be friends.
Trevor: I don't know....
Me: Fine. I probably crossed some kind of line. It's fine. I'm here, you're there. Everything has ended.
Trevor: I'm sorry.
Me: Don't be sorry, Trevor. I stopped loving you, when the poetry ended.
Trevor: Alright, I wish you the best.
Me: Alright. Good bye Trevor.
Trevor: Good bye, Kim.