Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Jordan Crook
Danville, Illinois USA



Jordan Crook = Me
Neil Tiles (President of G4 Television Network) = Neil Tiles
Me: Hello, Mr. Tiles.
Neil Tiles: Hello.
Me: I'll get right to the point, Mr. Tiles, did it feel good when you destroyed almost everything about G4 that viewers, like my self, loved?
Neil Tiles: What?
Me: The destruction of all the original programming like G4TV.com and Judgment Day, all of which were cancelled as soon as you took over control of the network, did it make you feel like a big man?
Neil Tiles: Now see here, we needed to move in a new direction, one that...
Me: ...that had already been traveled by Spike which, I might add, at least got decent programming to replace its lineup. You, you just picked up the rights to three different shows, two of which, Fastlane and The Man Show, did not appeal to your previous audience.
Neil Tiles: We are trying to appeal to a broader audience.
Me: Then create new gaming related shows, I agree that you needed new material, but you didn't have to destroy your previous line-up to put a bunch of syndicated shows on the air. For God sakes, man, have some creativity. Your network was, and I stress was, a niche' network, only a select few knew about it, and that's the way it remains, except, I'd imagine, you have lost a sizeable portion of that audience because of your recent changes. And considering the fact that you have virtually no representation anywhere but on the internet, I highly doubt you will garner any new viewers.
Neil Tiles: We still have X-Play.
Me: (In a sarcastic tone of voice) Yes, what an amazing bit of intelligence on your part to actually keep the number one rated gaming show in the country on the air. No wonder they made you the head boss. You should know that if you do cancel X-Play the nerds of the world will probably riot.
Neil Tiles: I don't have to listen to this. Goodbye, Mr. Crook. (Click)