Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA



Me: Hello...?
First Love: Hey.
Me: Wow. This is a surprise.
First Love: Yeah, I know...
Me: What made you decide to call me...? It's been so long.
First Love: I still feel guilty.
Me: You shouldn't... I don't blame you. It had to be done sooner or later.
First Love: But my timing was way off. I really wanted to be there for you when your grandmother was dying... but seeing you so broken up and emotional scared me away. I guess that was wrong.
Me: Yeah... I don't know.
First Love: I still think about you sometimes.
Me: Me too.
First Love: I wish we'd stayed friends.
Me: You always said we would be. Sometimes things just don't work out I guess. But if you wanted to stay friends... why didn't you ever try to talk to me?
First Love: I was afraid of it being awkward. And I was scared of what you might say to me.
Me: Hmmm... yeah, it was the same with me. And when we went back to school, it seemed like you'd changed so much. I was afraid to talk to you... and I was afraid you'd change into someone I didn't know anymore. You seemed so sad... but I didn't know how to tell you I cared.
First Love: It's okay. I knew you did.
Me: I was in the library the other day and I saw the sequel to that book we read on the bus... it was called "Shrimp." I thought of you.
First Love: Ha ha, I remember. And whenever anyone talks about sunsets, I always think of Johnny Depp.
Me: Ha ha. Me too. We were pretty good together.
First Love: Yeah, we were.
[long pause...]
First Love: I just wanted you to know that I still think about you. And I'm sorry about how things ended, I didn't want to lose you forever. You were my best friend... and I really did love you.
Me: I loved you too.
First Love: See you around.
Me: Yeah, see you.