Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Peter Godios
Buffalo, New York USA



Me: Hello?
Secretary: Hello Peter, this is Lorne Michaels' secretary, please hold for Lorne Michaels'
Me: Okay?
(Michael Bolton playing over phone)
Lorne Michaels: Hello Peter
Me: Hello Mr. Michaels
LM: Oh please, my father was Mr. Michaels, call me Lorne
Me: Okay Lorne, so what is this all about.
LM: Well, are you a fan of my show Saturday Night Live?
Me: Why yes Lorne I am. I have watched it for a long time now, and I try to make sure that I catch it whenever it's on.
LM: Good, I'm glad you like it. Here's the thing we are looking for some young fresh writers to come and work on the show. We've been monitoring some of the work you've been doing in your graduate classes, and we'd like you to come and be a writer on Saturday Night Live.
Me: Is this a joke?
LM: No it is not. I'm Lorne Michaels, I don't do jokes.
Me: What about my classes?
LM: We've already got you set up at NYU to finish your degree and an apartment in downtown Manhattan. Oh and don't worry about the ridiculous tuition and housing costs, because it's all on NBC.
Me: uhh great! I'm sorry, this is just so overwhelming.
LM: That's fine. So when can we get you out here? I was thinking we could send our private yet out there to pick you up Friday afternoon, we'll enjoy the weekend with dinners, parties and what not. Then Monday you can come in and we'll show you the ropes.
Me: Awesome! I'm very excited Lorne. I can't wait for this Friday.
LM: Yes, wonderful, it should be a wonderful day.
Me: Cool
LM: Now if you'll excuse me I am late for a tee time with Ted Turner, Donald Trump, and McCauley Culkin.
Me: Wow awesome, well have fun Lorne.
LM: Alright Peter, you enjoy your week and I'll see you Friday.
Me: Okay, see ya Lorne.
LM: Bye now.
Me: Bye.