Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Eliana Ivarsdotter Haddad
Oakland, California USA



Me: Hello?
Alfredo Jaar: Hello, this is Alfredo Jaar. I have understood that you have dropped my class and I would like to know why.
Me: Well, I discovered that a good artist doesn't necessarily make a good teacher. I felt very awkward when you had everyone say something about one of your art pieces during the second class. I just think it was so self-centered and I think it was hidious how there was absolutely no place for critique of your work - that you just defended yourself when I sad that I was critical to your work. All your works are about is social critique, so isn't it strange then that you critique everything but no one has the right to critique you?
Alfredo Jaar: But I don't understood why you took my class if you don't like my work?
Me: Well, that was exactly where the problem was. I am interested in your methods of working but I don't think that you are the greatest artist on earth and felt very uncomfortable realizing that that was what was expected from us.
Alfredo Jaar: You got it all wrong. I had you speaking of my work just so that critique could come up and I could argue against it. I just want to learn you to stand for your arguments. I welcome critique of my works and do not at all expect my students to love me. On the contrary. My macho attitude is just a surface. To make you learn to see through it.
Me: Oh.
Alfredo Jaar: Please come back to my class. I will give you special permission to add it again.