Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Sarah Gottesdiener
Portland, Oregon USA



Me: Hi, Emma?
She: ....yes?...
She: Hi, I was wondering if I could see you this weekend. I'd really like to talk to you and see you.
She:....are you kidding me?
Me: Listen, I've been missing you so much. You are one of the most important people to me. I just really want to see you this weekend and talk to you and apologize.
She: After what happened? Do you have any idea of what you've done?
Me: Actually, I don't really know, because you wont talk to me. I think we have really different versions in our heads of what happened when you came to visit Portland. You didn't return my call, and when I emailed, you ignored me. I just want to hop on a flight to New York so we can sit down and talk. I really feel like we should talk.
She: You hurt me so much. You are a rotten human being. How could you be so cruel? I came all the way up the west coast just to see you, and then you didn't even make time for me. I spent all this money and arranged my schedule just for you to ignore me at your art opening. Do you have any idea of how it feels to be treated that way? Why would I want to make time for someone who so easily treats their supposed close friend that way?
Me: I really love you. And I'm sorry. I can explain my side of the story if you want, and I would really prefer to do it in person.
She: But you live across the country from me.
Me: I can hop on a red eye tonight, and I'll be in New Haven by noon tomorrow.
She: I'm really busy this weekend. I've got plans at the university I can't rearrange. I'm giving a lecture and going out to dinner with one of the deans and writing a magazine article and my thesis.
Me: ok, just for a couple of hours. We can meet for dinner at Mamoun's tomorrow night.
She: I don't think so.
Me: Please? This is the last time I will bother you.
Me: Thank you! See you tomorrow.