Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Elizabeth Hayley
Brighton, UK
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George: hey Liz! Hows it going?
Me: oh George its so good to hear you I'm grand and you?
George: yeah yeah. So I wondering if you're going to be in Devon for New Year as I'm having a party
Me: oooh cool
George: yeah-eh
Me: yeah, well I was thinking of coming through, I can't resist the thought of long walks in the hills and mulled wine at the market.
George: cool. Cool.
Me: but I'm not sure yet
George: Ok but if you do come it's a bird party
Me: bird? Right.
George: Yeah, he he he, you have to dress up as your favorite bird; I'm going as a duck.
Me: he he he ha ho hoo hoo he ha he he he.
George: it's great isn't it? Look I have to go so-
Me: George?!
George: [quizzical] yeah?
Me: you know that time you tried to kiss me and I was wearing that red dress and we'd been dancing all night and then we were in that foyer with loads of people and you tried to kiss me and I said no and you said why and I said because your gay and you quoted some naff line from a film and said that you were just a person looking at another person and nothing else mattered and I became really angry and stormed away and you shouted after me and I pretended I didn't hear...
George: yeah?
Me: and a month later we were at the same place and we'd come out of the loos with all your friends and were laughing and then you asked if you could have a word with me... in private?
George: mmm.
Me: and you took me outside and you made sure I was listening and you stared at me and you rolled your eyes and you didn't say anything. So I said, so I said 'George, what's the matter, why did you need to talk to me on my own?' and then you start talking about some guy who doesn't fancy you and you start bambeling on about how no one fancies you and of course I end up telling you that I fancy you and this time you pretend you don't hear..
George: hey Liz we were really drunk.
Me: yeah, I know, but last time we were really drunk you spelt out words on my tummy and we went for a walk in the rain, and you bought me a drink and I rolled you a cigarette and...why did you drag me out in the rain so you could talk to me, ON MY OWN, about how no one fancies you?