Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Porto Alegre, BRAZIL



J: Hi
G.: Hey, it's me.
J: I know. I thought you wouldn't call me back
G.: I'm sorry I've been busy
J.: That's OK, you don't need to apologize. I understand you're famous now, but sometimes I just wanna talk...
G.: But it doesn't change the things. Even having too many things to do I still caring about you all. I do care about your problems
J.: I know that and I'm very grateful. Actually, I'm very lucky for having this conversation with you even knowing it's fake! haha
G.: hahaha yeah, But why did you call me early?
J.: I just would like to say that I've been missing you and the guys, like, A LOT. Other day I was so upset 'cause I was passing through a lot of shit and I needed some advices. I dunno.... my grandfather was between life and death, my friends were fooling me, my dad was being asshole to mom and I was about to giving up my college, and I couldn't talk to you or the other guys because you were/are far away from here. Sometimes I get desperate 'cause there is no way to keep in touch! I feel so lost, so upset, and I can't even talk to you. It's very depressing, you know.
G.: But it's not my fault. I'm doing my best to be with all of you, but to be honest with you I also have a life and things to do
J.: I FUCKING KNOW IT! I'm not blaming you. I know you hate being called 'hero', and I can't help it but call you hero. In the moment you guys took part in my life, you knew I was putting all my hope and love in you. you fucking knew it! All I want is you to be happy, 'cause you're all angels, you totally deserve it and I'll do anything to make you happy. But am I asking too much? There are days that I just wanna talk to you, like being friends and hanging out, helping you, being close! And I never had that chance. I've been waiting three years to say 'thanks' face to face, to finally meet the persons who helped me to find the light in the end of the tunnel. I wish that fucking conversation were true, so bad...
G.: OK I really don't know you. But don't you think I'm trying? I started the whole thing because I do wanna help people. But try to understand that YOU are not asking too much. but there are thousands and thousands of people having the same thoughts you have. Sometimes is too much to handle, we've been passing our message through the world and we will still doing it until we don't have a thing to be said. I'm not gonna leave you alone, OK? We're in this together.
J.: Do you know what hurts more than anything? The fact that I KNOW you will never understand my feelings. It doesn't matter how I try to explain it with words, you guys won't get it. And it's hard for me since in my mind you're the only&ones who understand me. We will never be friends because you already have too many friends, you don't need me as your friend. And when we meet I'll get frustrated cause I won't talk to you and ask everything I want to. And I won't have time enough to explain all these things...
G.: Why don't you try?
J.: I will. You know Ger, sometimes I understand you more than you can imagine. I guess I like you this way because we have a lot of things in common. You have no idea (...)
G.: I gotta go. But please, promise you won't give up your dreams, and you won't give up to tell me all these things you told me here
J.: I promise. I will not disappoint you. I will wait until the right moment comes, and I will tell you everything. However, thank you for being such a nice person, and encouraging me to carry on.
G.: Keep to yourself that 'thanks', until we meet personally (:
J.: OK, but also thanks for this conversation! It made me feel better
G.: I'm happy for you. See you soon, I hope...?
J.: Absolutely. Love you, bye
G.: Xoxo bye