Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Jaecee Rits
Cerritos, California USA



Me: Helloooo?
Nick: haroo! Are you still coming today?
Me: uhm..i don't think so. Wait whats happening today?
Nick : I didn't tell you? Oh, I called the wrong person. Hahaha my bad.
Me: haha its okay. It was kind of weird for you to be calling. Haven't heard your voice in a while.
Nick: yeah same here. well before I go...
Me: ehh?
Nick: ...nah nevermind, forget it.
Me: alright (:
*hear sounds on the other line indicating a hang up in process*
Me: [long pause] it's nice to hear your voice again. How is everything? Oh that's great to hear! A new girl eh? You better not corrupt her like you did me. Haha I'm just kidding. Good for you... [sigh] you know.. days without your interaction in them are so different. They're soo..empty. Haha I just remembered when we would stay up til 4 in the morning texting because I'm too shy on the phone and how your brother pointed that out. I didn't realize I liked you. I never knew how addicted I was to you. Probably why it's so damn hard to get over you. You know some nights when it's hard for me sleep, sometimes I remember that one day I came over to go swimming and how it felt to be in your arms when we took a nap afterwards. It's amazing how much your body responds to thoughts. I feel you right there. [pause] And sleep comes easily and quick.
Well I'm gonna go now because I feel stupid talking to my phone when I know you already hung up. And I have to sleep some time cus it's 3 In the morning. By the way, I don't really hate you. I want to hate you but theres nothing to hate. I'm sorry you're not diabolical. You can try your hardest but I know how you are. So give me a ring some time, I have more to say. My phone is lonely and so are my days lately haha
bye. i wish you could've heard all that. I miss you.
Nick: uhm...