Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Daisy Stein
Boston, Massachusetts USA



me: hi?
kyle: hi, how are you?
me: i'm fine, kyle. is something up... because i really don't want to just have some chitty chat conversation with you. do you have anything real to say to me?
kyle: can i not call to say hi?
me: not really.
kyle: okay. i'm sorry, i know you think i'm such a horrible person. i failed you.
me: you chose to be a bad person. but i know you're good somewhere. i just cared about you. i opened my heart up to you. i wanted to let you in. but you were just a lie.
kyle: i wish i hadn't been. you're a good girl and i think i love you. i freaked out. i was afraid of something real. it started out that i just wanted to sleep with you. but then i wanted to have you and then i was afraid because i had lied so much. i'm afraid i'm not good enough. and you're so good. so good and kind and moral. and i'm not.
me: you can be. i wonder if you have any idea how much you hurt me.
kyle: i do. i don't want to hurt you. i want to start again
me: i don't know. i don't know. but, kyle, i've missed you, so much. i think about you, so much. i want to feel your arms around me and your heart beating. i see into you, i know you're hurting. i want to help you. i want you to open up to me and let me in. but i need to know the truth.
kyle: i want to tell you all the truths. i want to see you. please let me see you. i want to say all the things i couldn't say before. please, i miss you. it's so hard for me to say. i love you. i want this to be right. i want to hold you. i miss your skin.
me: my skin misses you. but, you can come over right now, or not at all.
kyle: okay. i'll call you when i'm there.