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Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Vanessa Hutchinson
Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA



Sent to: The Reykjavik Grapevine, Le Quotidien Luxembourg, Hunan TV China
Press Release: Dogs Bottom Washed in the Nick of Time
17 January 2008, West Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
Ms Vanessa Hutchinson, 35, and Mr Jim Shnookal, 48, both residents of the Melbourne suburb of West Brunswick, narrowly avoided being completely embarrassed in front of their dinner guest last night.
At 6:15 pm yesterday Ms. Hutchinson and Mr. Shnookal set off for their nightly dog walk along the Moonee Valley Creek, aiming to return shortly before 7 pm, when their guest, Katrina O' Loughlin, also of West Brunswick, was due to arrive to enjoy a vegetarian meal with the de-facto couple. At approximately 6:45 pm during the return leg of their walk, the couple' s 3 year-old mixed breed dog Felix, attempted an uphill bowel evacuation into long grass. Due to high wind and a case of canine diarrhea, the dog' s backside then became covered in fecal matter. Notably the aforementioned dog showed no sign of distress or even awareness of the issue.
Mr. Shnookal reportedly exclaimed ' What a horrible smell! Cripes, what time is Katrina coming?'
Ms. Hutchinson, a responsible dog owner since childhood, was quick to warn passersby not to pat their handsome dog, whose attractive black and gold markings had won him many admirers throughout the neighborhood. Fortunately no one was contaminated during the incident.
The couple of four years then rushed home, escorting Felix, a Collie-Kelpie-Retriever cross, down the side of the house to the back yard, where the fecal matter could safely and privately be removed from the dog' s behind.
Due to Mr. Shnookal' s delicate constitution, the task of shampooing the dog' s rear was left up to Ms. Hutchinson. Working against the clock, the West Brunswick woman applied peach-scented dog shampoo and cold water from the garden hose, in a last minute bid to get the canine companion' s bottom washed before the dinner guest arrived. With a minute to spare the dog' s rump was clean and towel dried and the potential social catastrophe was averted.