Learning To Love You More




Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Katie Lewis
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



Sent to: Trigger Happy Press, Turning Point News, Jo King Magazine and Sisterfreak gazette.
For immediate release
Katie Lewis, creator of highly acclaimed dance moves including "the bug step" and "the tree in the wind" is soon to release her newest dance craze "the trapeze head" captured somewhere in the vicinity between her journey from the kitchen to the toilet.
Drawing from years of experience and research, Lewis deviates from the boredom of self-conscious bogans to the overly too dignified to dance emos to create a captivating feat of brilliance and sensitivity.
"It is a move that evokes both dignity and grace as if the simply rolling of the head is on the precipice of its shoulders, waiting for a chance to take the plunge and fall. But then, it is also about hope with the gentle rocking of the hips and the soft steady tap of the heel help align the head into its original place. To me, it symbolizes a kind of community that we as the public are desperately searching to find."
Lewis's move also features a steam of impulse moves and variations including the box square and the rocking chair.
"The Trapese head" will be holding a special performance in Lewis's bedroom on the 26th January 7pm and it is rumoured that she will be accompanied with James Boeg after speculation that she had broken up with her previous boyfriend just days ago.