Learning To Love You More




Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Sophie Jones
Manchester, UK



Sent to: the Western Mail, Manchester Evening News, Manchester Metro News
Wednesday January 30th 2008
Email represents return to form
The first email of the day between James Mansfield, a 22-year old clerical assistant, and Sophie Jones, a 23-year-old internet news writer, occurred at 9.03 am, Wednesday 30th January.
The email was entitled Tired Eyes... and was 173 words long. Its arrival time beat the previous day's time of 9.20 - entitled Buttercup - and marked a return to form for Mansfield after Monday's morning email absence, when Jones had to initiate communications with an 11.03 email entitled Cold Coffee.
Jones arrives in work at 8:00 each day and finds the first email from Mansfield, whose working day begins at 8:45, a welcome break from the duties associated with the first hour of the morning, which usually involve writing two stories about web design and two about personal finance.
Mansfield began the email: "I am guessing we are both suffering from the tired eyes today...
i am sorry if i kept you up last night
it was nice to chat though -"
The previous evening the two had lain in bed talking following Mansfield's return home from working overtime and handing out flyers for the club night he promotes.
Information included in the email was:
The Queer Up North festival, previously believed by both parties to have cancelled for 2008 after funding withdrawal, is now back on.
Mansfield intends to buy both parties tickets to see Autechre after he finishes work.
He will then proceed to Marks & Spencer to purchase food with a gift voucher he received for Christmas.
Mansfield offered to print out an Amy Hempel story at work for Jones.
He also revealed that his usual mug had broken, and had been replaced with one bearing the web address, Blackwell.co.uk, which Mansfield described as "not quite as romantic" as the previous vessel, which was inscribed with a poem about a dog.
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