Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

San Francisco, California USA



me: hello?
anja: hi. it's me. anja.
me: hi.
anja: i wanted you to be the first person to know...
me: know what?
anja: know that my husband has dissapeaered.
me: oh my god. are you ok?
anja: he has not only dissapeared, but he has also been erased from my memory. just like in that movie. now i can move on. and i want to move on with you.
me: um...
anja: i know how you feel. now you know how i feel.
me: wait, but what about-
anja: never mind. it's as if i never met him. the agents cleaned the house of all of his remnants. nothing of him exists any longer. i bought you some CDs so you can learn german. i've made space on the walls for your art.
me: anja, this can't be. if he's been erased from your memory, than how can you be telling me all of this?
anja: the agents left the proper documentation. apparently, it was never meant to be. even from the beginning. even before i found the documents, you were inside of me.
me: i don't know what to say.
anja: say nothing. your flight leaves JFK at 10:05 pm tonight. i'll be at the berlin airport to greet you and angie at 12:15 pm tomorrow.
me: ok. anja. ok. i will see you then.
anja: i can't wait.
me: me either.